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 Shape Sense & Soul Founder


Antonio Pagano is a licensed attorney in Italy and currently is serving as Assistant Dean and Chief Experience Officer at the University of California Riverside Extension, He has been a business and marketing consultant for a top 100 MLM Corporation. Antonio teaches at the University of California Riverside and has collaborated in the past with the University of Santa Barbara. In Italy, he taught at the University of Bologna and the University of Bari.

He created two management training systems called Performanager and Rugby4Managers (R), which utilizes sports as a metaphor for team building, leadership, and coaching. He wrote “Oval Marketing”, the first book in the world about the marketing of Rugby, and has published more than 50 marketing and sports management articles.

His education credentials include a Law Degree and a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing. He is trilingual in English, Italian and Spanish. He has been awarded an O1 Visa for his extraordinary ability in sciences, education, business, and athletics.

"In my journey to find my purpose, I realize that my vision is helping others find their vision. Therefore, I am working as a coach and sharing with others my knowledge and tools to achieve happiness, wealth, and freedom.

I like to think at my own life like a story in progress, a beautiful novel with chapters and paragraphs that portray my life. I am the novelist, writer, and author of these chapters. I am the one that can change the characters and the situations. I am the artist who can chisel the marble block and transform it into everything he wants. I want to tell the world my story, passions, dreams, and goals. Every chapter is a new journey with several possible outcomes which is the most exciting part."

-Antonio Pagano


I have twenty years of corporate, academic and professional sports experience. My background includes teaching, mentoring and coaching top executives and professional athletes. I am a licensed Attorney in Italy and have worked for Professional Sports Teams, Athletes and International Companies looking to improve their performances and realize their goals.


I have collaborated with the University of California Santa Barbara and currently a Consultant and Professor for the Post Graduate Diploma program in Sports Management at the University of California Riverside. In Italy, I taught two prestigious Post Degree Programs in Sports Management at the University of Bologna and the University of Bari.

I created and developed a unique management training system called Rugby4Managers about a decade ago. This methodology is still being used today by managers and top executives to enhance their leadership skills and improve their performances with their team. I have published more than 50 articles about marketing and sports management. I also published a book called “Oval Marketing” which was the first book in the world about the marketing of Rugby.

  • Juris Doctor Degree

  • MBA in progress

  • ICF Certified Personal Life Coach

  • ISSA Personal Trainer Certification

  • Life Coaching

  • Professional Athletes Coaching

  • Top Executives Coaching

  • Corporate Coaching

  • Motivational Speaking


I don't believe in luck by chance, but I do believe that you can create your own luck . My favorite quote is from an Ancient Roman poet and philosopher, Lucius Annaeus Seneca that said ‘‘Fortuna est momentum quo occasionem convenit talentum’’ which means "Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.” I have lived my life according to this philosophy.

​​I was born and raised in Southern Italy. I lived most of my life working hard to make my parents, friends, and the people around me happy.  I graduated from college; was a good military officer; was an attorney at a young age; and wrote a book. For most people this would be enough but I was still feeling unfulfilled, because I was not happy. I always dreamed about living and being successful in America. So one day I decided to pursue that dream. In 2010, I gave up almost everything I had to move to California. Although it was not easy and I endured many difficult times, many opportunities were also presented to me. Today I can say that I am "lucky" because I am living my dream.    



I work in person, by phone, and in video conference. Every client, is considered a top client. Weekly meeting and accountability calls are scheduled in advance to facilitate the entire process and help to achieve the desired outcome.

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