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Need some motivation and time management skills?

90-day Playbook for Success is coming soon. Enrol on the University of California Riverside Extension Website.

Ciao, I am Antonio, and for the last ten years, I have been living my American Dream. My background is in Marketing (and I also have a Law Degree), but my true passion is personal development. I was born and raised in Italy (as you can tell from my thick accent), I moved to California in 2010 and now I have 2 passports. As I searched to find my life’s purpose, I discovered that my vision is helping others find their “WHY”, their “WHAT” and ultimately their personal vision in life. I am a certified life coach, and I want to share my knowledge with you, and give you the tools to achieve happiness, wealth, and freedom. As a marketer, I have worked in several industries from corporate and professional sports to higher education. Each is very different from the others, but also with many commonalities. When I came across personal development for the first time, I immediately knew there was something more that I was put on this earth to do. I love people. I love helping and supporting others to bring out the best in themselves. And, the best way to do that is through personal and professional development. So, that’s what I do, that’s what I like. I also love teaching and connecting with students from all around the world, and I have created this comprehensive online course for people like you. It will help you improve your life by using simple, yet effective, tools and techniques that I have learned and developed. The 90-Day Playbook for Success consists of short video presentations, modules on personal and professional development, and will teach you how to use practical, motivational, and organizational tools. The training includes self-assessment exercises, downloadable resources, links to external assets, and a fantastic 90-day journal/planner, which I created to encourage self-reflection and structure. Module 1 is about discovering your purpose in life, and your true passions. Module 2 talks about setting SMART goals, and improving personal and professional performance. Module 3 focuses more on self-motivation, developing a winning mindset, visualization, and modeling to succeed. In Module 4, we discuss how to track progress, and assess your results. I am also including an extra module on turning a crisis into an opportunity. It is inspired by the COVID-19 new norm--yet applicable to any circumstance life presents us, with both challenges and hidden opportunities. The goal is to trigger your winning mindset shift so you always see the possibilities, the opportunities, and not just problems. That’s what this course is about. That’s what I am about. It is my honor and privilege to teach, and I love sharing my ideas, thoughts, and experiences with the rest of the world—and now, with YOU. So, I hope you have learned a little about me, and a bit about this exciting course that will change your life--just as the discovery of personal development changed mine. Let’s dive in! Ciao for now!

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