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Our program offers 100 years of combined expertise in fitness, wellness, personal and professional development, nutrition, and supplements. Shape Sense and Soul was born from Antonio Pagano, a life coach, fitness enthusiast, former professional sports marketer, and Assistant Dean at the University of California. Our team includes great professionals: life coaches, fitness trainers, time management experts, nutrition specialists, and other experts to support our clients in balancing body, mind, and spirit. 

Our mission is to inspire, empower, and promote dream realization, self-actualization, passion, fulfillment, and personal growth by providing world-class content, connections, resources, and professionals for people yearning to improve, succeed and enrich their life. We are transforming lives through the power of personal and professional development, time management, exercise, nutrition, meditation, healthy habits with the perfect balance of body, mind, and spirit. We offer a platform where people get inspired, empowered, and educated.


Antonio Pagano

Founder & High Performance Coach

Amy Donovan

Fitness & Homeopathic Nutrition

Joe Fettig

Fitness & Nutrition

Cheryl Cote

Fitness Trainer

We approach health and wellness holistically.

Our approach means providing support that looks at the whole person, considering physical, emotional, social, and spiritual well-being.

Pilates Practice

Each person will have a different experience of life and a path to success influenced by their age, gender, culture, heritage, language, faith, sexual and gender identity, relationship status, life experience, and beliefs. Our holistic approach focuses on wellness, success, freedom, and happiness.

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